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Allan's 1967 Cadillac Superior Royale Tiara Limousine Funeral Coach Elvira at the Drive In

Bass Hill Drive In, Sydney 18th December 1999.
This was probably Elvira's first time ever at a drive in movie theatre.
She thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed to watch both movies, the "Blair Witch Project" and "Two Hands."

The good looking fellow on the right with the Elvis T-shirt is me.
The others are fellow members from the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia.

Bass Hill Drive In, Sydney 21st October 2000.
This was a big annual event for old car enthusiasts. Elvira is shown with Matt Tynan's 1971 (Australian made) Ford Fairlane.
More pics of Matt's car, external and internal.

Drive In junk food, tastes almost as good as the polystyrene containers!

COOL59 at the Drive In


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